Prospects for the Development of the Gaming Market in Japan

The purpose of this article is to explain in detail why Japanese people are interested in iGaming and online casinos, the background and reasons. We will also cover the current status of online casinos in Japan, the legal issues and how to enjoy them legally. Ultimately, we aim to help our readers live more fulfilling iGaming lives by providing advice for Japanese people to enjoy online casinos safely and legally.

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iGaming and Online Casinos

iGaming is a general term for a variety of sports and gambling offered via the Internet, and online casinos are one of them. In recent years, with the proliferation of devices such as smartphones, iGaming and online casinos have grown in popularity, and many Japanese people are enjoying it.

Online casinos are highly convenient as they allow players to enjoy full casino games from home or on the go without actually going to a casino, and are especially preferred by busy modern people. However, online casinos can cause gambling addiction-like problems for some people, hence the need for moderate use.

History of iGaming and Online Casinos in Japan

The history of iGaming and online casinos in Japan is short. In Japan, the Gambling Act and gambling establishments such as casinos are illegal under the Gambling Crime and Public Gambling Law, and no laws and regulations have yet been established regarding online casinos.However, in recent years, foreign online casino sites have become more compatible with Japanese, with many Japanese people using them. Furthermore, IR (Integrated Resort) facilities are set to be approved in 2023, which could lead to the rise of gambling facilities including casinos in Japan. In the future, attention will be paid to the development of laws and regulations related to iGaming and online casinos in Japan.

Gambling anonymity

One of the reasons why the Japanese love iGaming and online casinos is the anonymity of the bets. In Japan, gambling activities other than public gambling such as casinos and horse racing are illegal, so gambling cannot be done in public. However, online casinos protect players’ privacy and allow players to play anonymously from home.

This anonymity gives players a sense of security, and because they can play freely without worrying about others’ evaluations, an advantage is that they can enjoy themselves with less pressure. However, due to its high anonymity, any problems that may arise can be difficult to resolve, hence the need for appropriate site selection and moderate use.

Japanese Gambling Law Restrictions

Under Japan’s gambling laws, some forms of gambling are illegal in Japan. For example, slot machines, pachinko and pachislot are not illegal, but exchanging them for cash at a prize exchange is illegal. In addition, public gambling such as horse racing, yacht racing, auto racing and lotteries are legal, but gambling other than these is illegal. Online casinos are also illegal and not allowed to operate in Japan.

However, there are some foreign online casino sites that support Japanese, and it is not uncommon for Japanese players to use them. However, doing illegal things is against the law in Japan, so caution is warranted. Furthermore, since gambling at online casinos is illegal, players are likely to be exposed, hence the need to be careful when using them.

Free-to-play possibility

Some online casino sites offer free-play features. This is a feature that allows players to experience the game without actually betting. Free play is also useful for learning the rules and features of the game before actually betting money.

Also, people who use an online casino for the first time can learn how to use the site and the types of games through free play. However, since you can’t win prizes in free play, there are some differences from real play. Also, some sites may require registration to use the free-to-play feature, so checking in advance is essential.

Japanese iGaming and Online Casino Market

Due to legal restrictions it is common for the Japanese iGaming and online casino market to use foreign online casino sites. Japanese players can access foreign sites and play a variety of games. However, since it is illegal for online casinos to operate in Japan, they are not allowed to provide services or advertise in Japan.

Meanwhile, the iGaming market in Japan is on the rise. With the proliferation of smartphones, many game apps and sports betting apps have been released for smartphones. Some players also increase their wealth by investing in foreign iGaming companies and online casino companies. In the future, the Japanese iGaming market may change significantly due to changes in legal regulations and social perceptions.

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