Crickex Download App for iOS (iPhone) 2023

Among the Indian betting websites, Crickex can be considered a major provider. They offer a lot of the major and minor cricket bets, as well as soccer, tennis and kabaddi wagers. Even beyond that, there is plenty of casino entertainment on the same platform. And all that is available in the basic PC form and on mobile.


The app version can be accessed if you download Crickex app file from the official website of Crickex or by simply going to that same website with a mobile device. It is better to use the app, however, rather than constantly use the functionality of the service via browser. But you might not have the choice, unfortunately.

In technical terms, Crickex app is much better than their non-mobile form. Mobile versions of these websites are generally superior in many cases, although it’s clearly seen with Crickex. They paid a lot more focus to their app rather than the PC version, because it turned out that the former is:

  • Easier to navigate;
  • Faster to use;
  • More comfortable for betting and gambling;
  • More attractive.

You might still be fonder of the PC variety, and that’s up to the person gauge of these both approaches. Before deciding, which of these would be your go-to platform, consider visiting the same website on mobile and on PC, click through the various features and see what you like best.

How to Download Crickex App

Before installing Crickex, you’ll need to download the file needed for this same installation. It’s more akin to the services you download and install on the PC rather than the typical approach most people are familiar with on mobile (that is, downloading and installing the app in one click).

You can’t do that here because Crickex isn’t on Google Play. There is something called ‘Crickex App’ on iOS, but it doesn’t nearly have the same functionality, don’t get confused. The Crickex app download is only on Android, and it can only be done from their official website.

The first step is to visit the website with your primary mobile device, which will be used for betting. You can do that with a tablet or a phone – the modern Android apps such as this one have provisions to extend and stretch to fit the proportions of your display in a very flexibly manner.

While you’re done Crickex, locate the icon that will lead you to the download page. It has an evident enough image on it. You can typically find it at the top of the screen, to the left of the header menu. Just tapping on it will move you to a dedicated page, where you can then download the Android installation file.

Crickex App Installation Guide

After your Crickex app download is complete, the file will be moved somewhere to your ‘downloads’ folder, obviously. It should be easy to find it there. After you do, you should simply tap on it and the rest will be done autonomously. If you can’t open it, then your file manager doesn’t have the necessary features to install downloaded files, for some reasons.

To remedy this, you can simply download a better file manager from Google Play. That should fix things up.

Crickex Live Casino

Live casino is one of the primary types of gambling entertainment on this website. Here it’s just titled ‘casino’, but much of the content offered in this category are live broadcasts. They aren’t divided by genre, but by provider, mostly. Obviously, Crickex doesn’t create these broadcasts themselves – they only rent them from other companies.
Each of these provider categories has several broadcasts on offer. You can see which games are played by hovering over them and looking at the flairs that pop up. Baccarat, dice and roulette are the typical games, but they differ depending on the category. The current major categories, and their games, are:

‘SEXY’Baccarat, Dice, Dragon Tiger, Roulette
EVOBaccarat, Dice, Roulette, Blackjack
PPBaccarat, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, Roulette, Dice
EzugiRoulette, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Dice, Colored Discs
MGBaccarat, Dice, Roulette, Dragon Tigger

The broadcasts have their own hosts, and you can even pick a stream based on what host they have, it’s immediately visible on each stream’s icon. The games played essentially the same, except you don’t get to say when the new hand is dealt, and very little on the screen is digital.

Popular Games

Other casino games are spread across the dedicated pages, such as ‘slots’, ‘lottery’ or ‘table’. They determine more or less what games are going to be inside, by genre. The table games include cards, while slot games also include slot-like games and dice. There are some filtering and sorting functions in most of these pages.

Namely, you can sort by ‘recommended’. It essentially arranges them by popularity, which is very handy, considering that there are hundreds of games in the slots category alone. The other options also include sorting by the date of addition and by alphabetic order.