My Teacher Essay in English (Essay on My Teacher 2023-2023)

Essay on My Teacher: A teacher is an important person in everyone’s life. Here we have come up with “my teacher essay” for the students so that they can refer to these essays on the occasion of teacher’s day etc. We hope this essay will help students to write an essay on their favorite teacher. Students can express their feelings in the right way with the help of these essays.

My Teacher Essay

Teacher brings good education and lays the foundation for good habits. A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge and molds the future of the students through education. They play many parts of an influential person, role model and even friend in the lives of the students.

A teacher has humble qualities and instructs his students to reach the pinnacle of success. A teacher uses creative methods to help students focus better.

Apart from imparting educational value, a teacher knows the potential and aptitude of his students and helps to bring out those talents, hence individuals must understand their teachers in the right spirit.

My Teacher Essay (Essay on My Favorite Teacher) 2023-2023

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My Teacher Essay

I have a teacher in my life who was important to me. My favorite teacher is (name). She is teaching English. She has full knowledge of her subject. Her method of teaching is very interesting and impressive. She loves all her students as his own children.

She always wears simple and clean clothes. She is very learned. she always helps every student. She like discipline and well-disciplined students. She never makes any distinction and difference between the students. She never discourages any students.

I have great regard for her because she always leads the students on the right path. I am very grateful for having such a teacher in my life.

Essay on My Teacher

There are many teachers in our school but I like Vinod sir very much. She is very hardworking. She is an m.a.b.e.d. She teaches us English.

She is very polite. All the students like her very much. She loves all students. She has many good habits. I like my teacher very much.

My Favorite Teacher Essay

My class teacher’s name is Manoj Yadav. She teaches us Hindi. We enjoy her teaching. Manoj is young and active. She always wears a lovely pants-shirt. She is kind and gentle.

She never gets angry. She is very helpful to all of us. sometimes, She tells us stories. She loves us. We love and respect her.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher

All the teachers in my school are highly qualified. They are competent, dedicated and sincere in their work. Out of all, I like ms Kareena the most. She teaches us maths. I like her because she is very friendly with the students and she makes learning fun.

Most of all she explains very well and with her guidance, we can solve even the most difficult sums on our own. She has incredible knowledge of her subject and enthusiasm for teaching. She is passionate about teaching and working with children.

She has a strong rapport with the students and has established trusting relationships with them. Even though she is friendly, she maintains discipline in the class. She is ever ready to help us with our problems even after school hours.

Above all, she is caring and compassionate. She goes the extra mile to make sure that each child is successful.

Short Essay on Teacher

My favorite teacher is Sunita mam. She is my class teacher. she is strict but funny. She cracks a lot of jokes when she teaches. We all stay quiet when 8he teaches. She teaches us good songs.

She makes sure that we understand the subject very well. At the end of the class, mam asks us questions. She is very caring and lovely. We wish her all good things in her life.

My Best Teacher Essay and Paragraph

Introduction: I am a 10th class student. The name of my school is (replace your school name). Six teachers teach me. Mr. Gupta has impressed me. He is a trained graduate. He teaches me English in the third period. He is a perfect man. That’s why he is my favorite teacher.

Qualities: Shri Gupta is the storehouse of virtues. He believes in simple living and high thinking. Her dress is spotlessly clean. But her clothes are neither expensive nor fashionable. He hates dirt and smoke; for him, cleanliness is next to godliness. He behaves like a father to the students.

He never wastes his time on useless tasks. He often quotes Shakespeare – talkers are not good-doers. He always says that work is worship. That’s why he never comes to class unprepared or late. He never prematurely falls in love with his class.

He is also a good player of cricket. He always advises his students to participate in sports and games. He is also a good speaker.

Because of my choice: I love Mr. Gupta, not because he is my teacher, but because he is my true mentor. because of his influence. I have left the bed late. I have started taking interest in sports and debate. I have been regular in my studies. My work always gets done. All this is due to the influence of my respected teacher.

Conclusion: Teachers like Mr. Gupta are rare these days. The school where a teacher like Mr. Gupta teaches is lucky. I feel proud to be his student. Such teachers create the destiny of their students.

Essay on Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession and a good teacher is always a gift of God upon us. All my teachers are good, but my 1 favorite teacher is (replace your teacher name). He is our class teacher and teaches us English and social studies. He is very punctual and never took an unnecessary leave.

He is a man of simplicity and great thoughts. All my classmates love to attend his class because of his kind and joyful way of teaching. He guides us very well during any school function or competition. He also used to tell very inspiring stories to motivate us to become the right person in life.

He focuses on every student in the class and special attention is given to the weaker students. I love my teacher and always pray for his long life.

Essay About My Teacher

There are seventeen teachers in my school. Among them, my favorite teacher is Shah Rukh Khan. He is 26 years old energetic man. She is tall and beautiful. She is always smiling. She is an English teacher. She teaches us English subjects. She is polite and friendly. She teaches us nicely. My friends also like her.

She enters our classroom with a cheerful face. She wants us to pay full attention to our studies. She simply teaches the lesson. If I fail to understand. I repeatedly ask her. She becomes happy and tries her best to make us understand what the lesson means. She regularly checks our homework. She tells us to keep our books and copies clean.

Every Friday, she revises the previous lessons. Sometimes, she asks questions to us. Sometimes, she takes surprise tests. It makes us more easily. She never discriminates the weak students from the talented student. They always encourage the weak students.

She also tells us jokes and stories. Hence, my favorite teacher is Shah Rukh Khan. She loves all students. I like her. I respect her the same do the other students.

Write an Essay on My Teacher

A teacher is a source of inspiration for students as he/she guides us towards the righteous path. Almost every student admires his/her teacher, indices and wants to follow his/her footsteps in life. Miss Babita is my favorite teacher at school who teaches us mathematics. She is my class teacher too and takes our attendance every morning.

Although she is strict by nature. She simply teaches us maths and makes it interesting for us. She teaches us maths with real-life examples which arouses our interest and inquisitiveness in the subject. She has a pleasant personality but is very disciplines too.

She ensures that we listen to her classes attentively. She listens to our questions and problems patiently and clarifies our doubts with a smile on her face. She always motivates us to participate in extracurricular activities like elocution, debate, etc.

Miss Babita’s way of teaching inspires everyone and every student of my class respects her dearly.

At last,

We hope that with the help of these my teacher essays students can write a great essay on their favorite teacher.

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