My Parents Essay in English (Essay on My Parents 2024)

The best relationship in this world is that of parents. Parents always try to make their child better. Here we have come up with an essay on parents. From here you can select my parents essay as per your requirement and choice.

My Parents Essay

You can use these essays written on parents on the occasion of parents day etc. All the essays given here are written in easy and simple words that even children can understand. If you want, you can bookmark this page or you can also copy these essays.

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Sample Essay on Parents

The parents who bring us into this world and support us in every situation in life are God for us. Which God has given us as a gift.

The place of parents is considered paramount in our life. Parents love their children throughout their lives, nurture them and become their every convenience.

Parents are worshipable, who provide us more facilities than God. Parents can go to any extent for the happiness of their children. Parents give up all their pleasures and give happiness to their children.

No matter what age children are, no matter how old they become, but parents always care about them. The most sacred and birthright relationship in this life is that of parents, but some children are unable to bear this loving relationship.

Parents are the people who have the highest expectations. Parents are the first friends of the child, parents give us value and they teach us to walk with the truth in this world.

Parents take care of their children till their last breath. Therefore it is also our duty to serve our parents throughout our life. Give them respect Parents are heaven in life.

Modern times have a different view. They go to temples to meet the Lord, and leave the Lord sitting at home in an old age home. This is the worst karma of his life.

Parents are our true life partner, so we should respect them. One should serve the parents. His wish should be fulfilled.

The one who has the shadow of his parents on his head is the luckiest person in the world.

In human life parents have been given the name of God. For every human being, nothing is more important than the parents in his life.

My Parents Essay

I have very loving and loving parents. They both take great care of me. My father’s name is unknown. he is a farmer. My mother’s name is Mehtabi.

He is also a farmer. He is a very good cook. She cooks very tasty food for all of us. Both my parents teach me to be a good person.

They help me in my studies. If I do something wrong, they punish me too. My parents take me out for picnics on weekends.

They are the most important people in my life. I love my parents very much.

10 Line Essay on My Parents

1. My parents are the most wonderful people in the world.

2. They play a vital role in our physical, mental, emotional and overall personality development.

3. My parents are the only ones who help me differentiate between right and wrong path.

4. He saves me and my brother from the evils of the society.

5. They listen patiently to all our problems and help us to take decisions in life.

6. They buy us beautiful gifts during our birthdays and festivals.

7. Me and my brother cannot imagine our life without our parents.

8. My mother cooks delicious food for us and my father regularly helps us with our studies.

9. My parents always encourage us to participate in various indoor and outdoor sports.

10. I love both my parents and pray to God for their well being at all times.

Short Essay on My Parents (250 Words)

First of all I want to thank my God because he has given me the best parents in the world.

My parents are my strength as they are with me in every walk of life. I can’t even imagine my life without them.

My parents are light to me who guide me even in the dark. My mother is a young woman. I help my mother in my work. Apart from this, my mother helps me in my studies. My mother cooks very well. She also treats the kids around us well.

My mother gives me water even after waking me up at night. She always takes care of me and is always with me. My mother does a lot for me.

My father is very nice, he brings me daily food items. Get me on the bike

I am very grateful to have my parents in my life because not everyone gets such parents.

At last,

Children go to write essay on parents on the occasion of parents day etc. So we have provided here essay on my parents, essay on parents, 10 line essay on my parents etc. for the students.

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