Google Adsense Ad Se Kitni Traffic Par Kitne Paise Kama Sakte Hai

Everyone wants to know, How much money you earn from Google Adsense? How much traffic you need to make good money with google AdSense advertisment? This is most common question in every webmaster and blogger.

How much money you earn with google AdSense

Bahut sare log janna chahate hai ki wo google AdSense ads unit use karke apni site par kitna paisa kama sakte hai or iske liye unhe kitne traffic ki jarurat padegi.  All google AdSense users and newbie people iske bare me search karte rahte hai.

Wo sabhi log jo abhi google AdSense ke bare me basic information rakhte hai or future me AdSense join karne wale hai google me AdSense se related is tarah ke topic search karte hai.

To earn much more money from google AdSense:

  1. How much money can i make from Adsense with 1000 visitors per day?
  2. How much money can earn from google AdSense advertisment program?
  3. How much traffic do you need to make $1,000 daily with Adsense?
  4. How to make $100 per day with google AdSense?
  5. How much will i earn with google AdSense?

Most important question hai google AdSense se kitni traffic se kitna paisa kamaya ja sakta hai. Lagbhag har koi is sawal ke bare me janna chahata hai. Especialy, new blogger iske bare me sabse jyada searching karte hai.

So today I will explain, How much traffic you need to make good money from google AdSense advertisment program on your site.

Mai already Google Adsense Se $100 Per Day Kaise Kamaye or Google Adsense Se 1 Click Par $10 To $50 Kaise Kamaye ; Secret Tips articles me AdSense ki more money making tips bta chuka hu. So is post me extra explain karne ki jarurat nahi hai. Aaj mai aapko AdSense se adhik earning ke bare me nahi balki “Google AdSense par kitne traffic se kitni income ki ja sakti hai” ke bare me bta raha hu.

How much Traffic You Need to Earn Good Money From Google Adsense in Hindi

As we all know, Websites and blogs se online paise kamane ka Google Adsense most important source hai or mostly people AdSense use karte hai. Agar aap nahi jante ki website or blog me kya fark hai to aap Website Aur Blog Me Kya Fark Hai Dono Me Kya Difference Hai post read kar sakte hai.

However, Big money earn karna easy nahi hai isme kuch time bhi lag sakta hai. Jo log aaj ke time me Adsense se daily thousands dollar kama rahe hai wo lucky nahi hai balki unhone iske liye seriously hard work kiya hai. Jisme time lagta hai. So agar aap soch rahe hai ki aap bina mehanat kiye google AdSense se 1000 dollar earn kar sakte ho to ye tutorial aapke liye nahi hai.

My thoughts, I thing aapko AdSense se badiya income karne ke liye 3000 to 5000 daily traffic ki jarurat padegi. It’s true, google AdSense se achhi earning karne ke liye aapko a lot of traffic ki jarurat hoti hai. So jab tak aapki site par 3000+ pageviews daily traffic na ho tab tak AdSense se good earning ke bare me sochna bhi bekar hai. Halanki aap isse pahle $1, $5 ya $10 daily earn kar bhi sakte ho.

Google AdSense se earning karne ke bare me janne se pahle aapko AdSense RPM, CPC and CTR ke bare me ache se pata hona chahiye or agar nahi bhi hai to mai yaha aapko details me bta deta hu.

To Make More money From Google Adsense:

1. Cost-per-click (CPC):

Google AdSense ki sabse badi problem hai ki difference niche websites par Adsense CPC alag alag hoti hai. Adsense CPC ka matlab hai ki aapko kitne clicks se kitni earning huyi hai. Examples,

Agar aapne 100 ad unit clicks se $10 earn kiye hai to uski CPC hogi $100/10 = $.10 CPC

Total earning / total clicks = Adsense CPC

I told above, Alag alag niche topic websites par AdSense CPC high low hoti hai. Advertiser niche se related pay karte hai so aap high CPC niche topic par writing kar sakte ho. In my experience, Insurance, web hosting, blogging, health and other some high performing niche par AdSense CPC other topic se jyada hoti hai. I sure Insurance keywords ki CPC sabse high hai.

Top 20 High Paying Keywords in Google Adsense post me maine iske bare me btaya bhi hai. Iski help se aap apne content ke liye better niche topics select kar sakte hai. Insurance keyword par AdSense only single click par $30 to $50 tak pay karta hai. So mai aapko highly suggest karta hu ki aap jitna ho sake high CPC keywords use karke hi articles write kare.

2. Click throw rate (CTR):

CTR ka matlab hota hai ki aapko kitne pageviews se kitne ad unit clicks mile hai. I mean agar aap 1000 pageviews par 7 ad clicks milte hai to aapki CTR hogi 10 / 100 * 100 = 10%

  CTR = Clicks / Imperssions

Make sure your AdSense ads work proper, mai aapko suggest karunga ki aap AdSense ke popular or effective sizes ad 728×90, 336×280, 300×250 and 160×90 sizes ke ad units use kare.

3. RPM:

Adsense RPM Kya Hai or Adsense RPM increase kaise Kare post me aap AdSense RPM ke bare me details se janakri read kar sakte hai. Yaha sabse important hai AdSense CPC so upar btaye anusar aapko simply samajh aa gaya hoga ki AdSense CPC kya hai. Adsense se achi earning karne ke liye aapki CPC kam se kam $3 honi chahiye.

Now I’m confessing, aap ek website owner ya ek blogger ho is time aapki site par google AdSense enable hai or site par approximately something 5000+ traffic bhi hai. Let’s we know, kitne visitors, page views per day se google AdSense ke sath kitni earning ki ja sakti hai.

Suppose, Agar aapki site par 1000 pageviews daily hote hai to aapko 5-15 ad clicks mil jayege or aapki AdSense CPC $0.50 hai to aapki daily earning is parkar hogi..

1000 pageviews per day

daily 10 clicks

CPC $0.50

Now your total earning = $5

Agar aapki site ka design fast loading. effective, beautiful or simple hai to aapko 3000 to 5000 pageviews par lagbhag 50-70 ad clicks mil jayege.

3000 pageviews per day

daily 50 clicks

CPC $0.50

Now your total earning = $25

Now, agar aapki site par daily 10,000 pageviews traffic hai to aapko daily 150 to 200 clicks aasani se mil jayenge. tab aapki earning hogi.

10,000 pageviews per day

daily 150 clicks

CPC $0.50

Now your total earning = $75

agar aapki site par daily 15,000 to 20,000 pageviews original traffic hai to aapko daily 300 to 500 clicks aasani se mil jayenge. tab aapki earning hogi.

20,000 pageviews per day

daily 300 clicks

CPC $0.50

Now your total earning = $150

I know google AdSense ki CPC humesha same nahi hoti hai so agar aapki CPC $0.10 to $0.30 bhi hai to bhi aap AdSense se daily 5000+ traffic se $20 easily earn kar sakte ho. Sabse important factor USA, UK and some other countries me AdSense one click par $10 to $50 to pay karta hai jabki india me per click only $0.10 to $0.50 hi pay karta hai. So aap agar english blogger ho to to United State United Kingdom country ko target karke content likhe.

We do not recommended anybody to enable google AdSense ads on website or blog that getting less then 300 visits per day.

Finally, aap samajh gaye honge ki AdSense se 1000 pageviews par daily kitni earning ki ja sakti hai. Usi ke hisab se aap 30,000, 50,0000 and other traffic par earning ka idea laga sakte ho. I sure AdSense se monthly 20,000 to 30,000 rupees earn karne ke liye aapke blog par 10,000 pageviews yani daily 3,000 to 4,000 visitors ki jarurat hogi.

Mai aapko recommended karunga ki pahle aap apne blog par traffic badhaye or 2000+ traffic ke bad hi google AdSense ke liye apply kare. Agar aap usse pahle AdSense enable karoge to bhi aapki koi income nahi hogi. So don’t west your time and work some better.

Now tell me about your AdSense earning, CPC and other source in comment section. Share this post on social media also.

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by: Jumedeen Khan

मैं इस ब्लॉग का संस्थापक और एक पेशेवर ब्लॉगर हूं। यहाँ पर मैं नियमित रूप से अपने पाठकों के लिए उपयोगी और मददगार जानकारी शेयर करता हूं। ❤️

Comments ( 110 )

  1. Hello sir.
    Entertainment niche ki average CPC kya hoti hai batao please….

    • $0.01 to $0.05

  2. How to solve Adsence page view low counting problem?? Analytics me organic 1000 page view pr adsence only 500 page view count kr rha h. Plzz help

  3. Kitne dino k baad blogger m sign up ka button aata h blogger me

    • Mne ek blog site banayi hai jo religion and places se related hai.. Currently 8-9 post hai…100% unique hai..
      300 words se jada ki h sabhi post…to kya adsence approval ke liye bhejni chaiye????

  4. Bhai mera adsence account approved ho gaya he or ads bhai add kar diye he but mere adsence account pe page views and impression ka Paisa kyu show nahin ho Raha he

    Only click ka Paisa show ho Raha he
    Adsense approval hoye 5 day Ho Gaya
    Payday Page views:- 1.2k
    Impression:- 2.9k

    • adsense ad click का ही पैसा देता है

  5. mene ek blog banaya h . ap checknkR k bataen k kya me approval k liay apply kr sakti hun ? mene 21 post ki h to kya hr post pe jo views hongi wo count hongi? aur kitne views hone chahiye ek post pe???????

    • Adsense approval के लिए views count नहीं होते है, आप जिस भाषा में लिख रही अगर adsense वो support करता है तो आप अप्लाई कर सकती हो

  6. Very nice information…I think you are well experienced person. I will give you one thumbs up. That is great.
    Your site is well and good. I want to give review to your website…
    Here are some points that can make best to others to make best trick to increase site traffic and more and more income source…
    1. You are using HTTP Secure server. That is good for security reason.
    2. You have placed social link in side bar without any disturbance to user.
    3. Ads is in systematic way.
    4. Best content delivery and unique and quality content.
    5. Time to time gives answer of query.
    Keep it up…Definitely you are a success blogger…

    • Kya blog me template ke anusaar cpc milti hai maine pahla template use kiye to 0.1 dollor ki cpc mili aur 2nd template me 0.3 dollor ki cpc aur ab 3rd template me 0.2 dollor ki cpc mili

      Mere blog ek education blog hai mai education artical share karta hu mere blog ke liye best template kaun sa sahi rahega

      • ऐडसेंस सीपीसी का टेंपलेट से कोई लेना देना नहीं होता है, हां एड प्लेसमेंट से फर्क पड़ता है, आपके साथ भी वही हुआ होगा।

  7. Sir agar mere blog ya website per traffic united kingdom aur united states se aati hai to kya mujhe India me per click pe $10 -$20 dollars milenge?

    Yes or no

    • Yes, मिलेंगे

    • Sir agar me apne blogger par Jo add aa rage use agar difference kohipe we open or click clifk kartavhu tobkughe pause milenge ya phir koi due kkat hogi

      • इससे आपका adsense बंद हो जायेगा

        • सर जी नमस्कार, मेरे ब्लॉग पर per day 500+ traffic आता है, सर बताएंगे कि मेरे ब्लॉग में क्या-क्या गलतियाँ है ताकि मैं जान सकूँ, आपके answer का इंतजार रहेगा।

  8. Mai abhi abhi blog par aya hu
    Mera margdrshan kare
    Thank you

    • आप अपना सवाल पूछे, आपकी हर मुमकिन मदद की जाएगी

  9. Bhai mujhe 2 month phle hi Adsense ka approval Mila and daily traffic 5000-10,000 Rahta hai but CPC sirf 0.01 hai…

    Daily 0.80 $ se 3$ bas…. Bataiye mujhe kya karna chahiye…

    • CPC aapke keywords aur ad placement par depend karti hai. per page 2-3 ads use karo.

  10. Hello jumedeen,
    Mene aapka pura blog aur kuch comment padkar ye smja ki traffic aur content acha hone se earning bhi achi hoti hai, Mere bhi ek tech blog hai vaha Mere Banking ke topic par sabse jayada traffic hai around 2000 + per day Par agar CPC rate ki baat kru toh vo 0.02 hai jisse meri na ke barabr earning hoti hai. Aap agar dekh ke bate dege ki kaha dikkat hai toh sayad meri help ho paye.

    • Main aapko short me answer deta hu.

      1. Content quality hi top ranking factor hai or future me bhi yahi hoga.
      2. Agar iske bavjud benefit nahi mil raha hai to aap apni site par dusre tarike se visitor ko attract kar sakte ho. Jaise ki site ko design is tarah karo ki ek bar jo user aa jaye wo dubara aaye bina nahi rah sake. (Required quality content.)

      Maine aapki site dekhi sabse badi problem aap featured image ko single post me display kyu nahi kar rahe, ek attractive image ke bina achha content bhi bekar nazar aata hai. Ek or bat maine aapki site ke homepage ki speed check ki 11+ second me load ho raha hai. aapki site ka responsive time slow hai, aap fast server use karo or site database optimize karo.

      At last, google sirf ek tarike se rank nahi deta, site rank karaane ke bahut saare tarike hai aap unme se 5-10 ko hi pass kar lo. I’m sure possitive result milega.

      And abhi internet user youtube video dekhna jyada pasand kar rahe hai so web pages par traffic kam hai. Researching karo aur kuch aesa karo ki kam se kam aap monthly 20k to 50k to kama sako. tab aapko traffic ki jarurat nahi hogi.

  11. Kaha jata hai ki website pe copy paste content nahi hona chahiye…
    Facebook pe upload kiye gaye articles agar apni website pe upload karte hain to kya wo bhi copy paste mein count hota hai…?

    • Yes copyright hoga.

  12. Hello Jumedeen khan bhai
    Kaafi time ke baad comment kar raha hu aapko .
    Mai to adsence se paresaan ho gaya hu 4000 – 5000 pageviews per day hote hai par earning sirf .65 $ something itni hi hoti hai .
    Na itne click mil paate hai or na hi 0.02 se adhick cpc milti hai .
    Aap check karke batao ki mai earning kyo nhai kar paa raha hu .
    Thank U .

    • Adsense se earning na hone ke 2 reason hote hai.
      1. Low paying keywords.
      2. Bad ad placement

      Aap jo content likh rahe ho jaruri nahi hai google ke pas uske keywords ka ad hoga. Aap aese keywords par likho jiski CPC high ho aur ad placement ke liye main already post likh chuka hu wo check kar lena.

      • Thank you bro .
        Mera ek question or hai aap se .
        Mai jo bhi content likhta hu bilkul hindi font me hi likhta hu par mere blog par jo koi visitor search karta hai to uska kuchh ye result hai ki –
        95 % keyword search in hinglish .
        And 5 % keyword search in pure hindi .

        To kya mai aisa kar sakta hu ki jo mai content likhta hu pure hindi me usko complete karke .
        Niche Hinglish me usko likh sakta hu .

        Is se koi problem to nahi hogi .

        Kyoki jab koi visitor blog par hinglish keyword search karta hai to result me koi post nahi dikhti us name se , par agar us hi keyword ko pure hindi me search kare to post ko search result me dikhata hai .

        Kya karna chahiye ..

        • Yes likh sakte ho lekin ye user friendly nahi hai.

  13. Bhai india me to cpc bhaut low hai to 100 click pr 10-20 $ bhi mushkil se milte hai

    • Sir mere blog par daily 1000 page view bata raha he. Lekin adsence ma page view only 200 bata raha he to ishe kaise thik kare..
      Aur mera cpc rate 0.02 ka he vo kaise badhaye…

      • Check karo ki aapki site par ad proper show ho rahe hai ya nahi.

  14. Bahut accha Article hai ye samajhne ke liye ki apni current traffic ke according ham kitna earn kar sakte hain. very nice bhai..

  15. helo sir, mai hindi mai likh sakta hu na blog. google adsense isko approve krta hai na kyonki mai kaffi paresan hu.kaffi uniqk article likh raha hu. to kitne words ka article mai apni site par dalu…or image and your link ka use kru ki nahi. ya sirf abi post he dalu bina kisi image ke

    • Aap SEO wali humari kuch post padh lo sare sawalo ke jawab mil jayega.

  16. sir mane adsense ke liye apply kiya tha, mai hindi mai blog likhta hu…to mera adsense a/c disapprove ho gya hai . app bata saktey hai iski wajah or kab kru apply…kya changes kru site mai.

    • Abhi aap site par or content likho uske bad try karna.

  17. bhai ye *niche* hota kya hai

    • Niche yani aap kis topic par likh rahe ho.

  18. aapki har post helpful hoti hai.
    thanks bro……..jaankari share karne ke liye.


  20. thanks for your article
    main roz google plus sa 500 + traffic layta hon kya wo real traffic hay??
    blogger ma views kafi dekhata hay aur UNIted states sa kafi users ata hay..
    kya ye real visitors hain ya sirf numerbing he hay ? i am really confused

    • Traffic ki bounce rate check karo 90%-100% hai to bad traffic hai.
      Server error ki wajah se USA ke pageviews dikhte hai.

  21. sir ye mene meta tag genrate kiya hai leking me jab isse apne blog me add kar rha hu toh likh kar a rha hai


    aur save nhi ho rha h

    • Simple hai aman only 150 charactor me description add karo.

  22. sir AdSense CMP Ad se 1000 impression pr kitni earning ho sakti hai please kuch bataye ye kis parkar hoti hai.

    • Idea nahi bta sakta.

  23. Social media par apni post share karne ka sabse achcha trika koun SA hai BHAIYA ji (1) URL copy karke social media par paste karna,(2) directly post ke neeche ke share button se share karna Jo Adsense ko bhi achçha lage or Google+ par bhi share ho sake please vistar se bataaye kyuki Maine directly Google+ par share kiya hai or meri income .63 ki jagah .52 ho gai hai pataa nahi kese kya invalid click hai ya fir directly share kaa natijjaa Maine to sarkar share karna hi chchod deeya agar invalid click hai to kese pataa chalega mere question clear kijiye mai bahut pareshaan ho gai hu

    • Mamta ji main dono tarike use karta hu share button se post share karte time post text box me post ka link bhi add karta hu. Nahi share karne se aapki earning ka koi lena dena nahi hai. Maine aapko pahle bih kaha tha traffic badhao earning apne aap increase hone lagegi.

      • bro meri website per 1200-1300 page view daily hai but cick 4-5 se jyada nhi aatey aur ncome b 0.20-0.60$ hi aaryi hai kaise increase kru bhai pls aap mera templetes check krke btao k seo friendly hai k nhi agr na ho to please suggest me some templetes please bro………….. help me

        • Traffic badhao earning apne aap badh jayegi.

  24. Aap please bataaye 29 July ko meri site Bani August mai Maine Adsense approval leeyaa, wese mai 2 year se try kar rahi thi ab kuchh ummid dikhi to last 30 days ki Adsense earning .61 se ghatkar .52 ho gai ek to ye point mai thi wo bhi ghar rahi hai please solution de meri website hai please koi solution de mai kya karu Kya kami hai aap ko pahle bhi Maine URL bataya thaa aapne reply nahi kiya

    • Mamta ji aap blog ko first achhe se design karo or achhi template use karo jise dekhte hi log aapke blog ko pasand kare. Second aap blog par traffic badhao. Traffic badhega to income apne aap badh jayegi.

  25. Sir Mere Blog ko Daily 300 Views Milte aur Maine AdSense ke sath connect v kya but 1 month ho gaya Abhi tak mujhe Blank add dikha rahe hai.. jaha par Add lagaya hai waha par kuch nahi dikhate.

    • Aapke pas AdSense ke mesaage ka wait karne ke siwa koi or rasta nahi hai.

  26. hamare blog per pardey 500 visitors. hai kya mai adsens laga sakta hu

    • Yes, bilkul aap AdSense use kar sakte ho.

  27. 1 Sr jab bhi mai post publish karta hu to wo usi post comment me bhi share ho jati hai mtlb jaise us post ko open krta hu to wo niche jaha comment section hota hai waha par show hoti hai ki maine ise share kiya hai or waha comment me bhi uski pura pad sakte hai puri ki puri post niche comment me bhi show hoti hai is problam ko kaise handle kru plzz btaye

    2 Or sr ek bar blog ko sbhi search ingine se verify krne k baad kya hum uske baad koi b template use kr skte hai kya fir se code ko template me pest krna hoga

    3 Sr maine apko contact us par mgs kiya tha apki trf se koi reply nhi aya plzz ek bar chack kijiye

    • 1. Aap google plus par automatically share system ko band karo. Iske liye aapko blogger ki setting me share option me jana hai.
      2. nahi aapko fir se verify code add karna hoga.
      3. Namdev contact form me only personal message send kiya karo.

  28. Hello sir mera ek sawal
    1. Mera AdSense YouTube ke throw approved ko chuka hai aur mai ads ko apne par dikhana chahata hu lekin mere blog par daily 100 page view hai kya mai apna blog AdSense ko de du ada dikhane ke liye

    • Abhi aap blog par or traffic badhao.

  29. kya aap bata sakte hai ki adsens se rupy hum sidhaa bank se le sakte hai matlb koi paypal nahi aur le to kaise le matlb kaise mile ge rupy CHAK YAA Account mai mile ge aur haa bhai bank konsaa honaa chiye

  30. Sir high cpc niche kon se h?
    1. M esa kis topics p apne articles likhu jha mje high cpc mile??

    2. Kya india m bi. .50$ cpc mil skti h?

  31. Ager me apne blog ko Facebook per pay ker ke promote keru to us se AdSense me kuch problem to nai hogai na ya sirf mera page promote keru to..?

    • Nahi koi problem nahi hogi.

  32. Kya yahi formula YouTube par bhi lagu lota hai.

    • Yes

  33. Great Article Bro. This one really help people to calculate their income. Mene blogspot se custom domain me convert kiya aur google AdSense me new custom domain add karne ki request bheji lekin abhi tak google se koi response nahi aaya he 24 hrs se upar ho gaya lekin custom domain me ad show nahi ho rahi he blogspot me ho rahi he. to der lagti he kya ad show hone ke liye?

    • Adsense ka mail aane me kei din lag jate hai aap sirf wait kar sakte ho.

    • ऐसा करने की जरूरत नही थी, पहले अपने नए डोमेन को एडसेंस सेटिंग में एड कर लेना चाहिए था। एड तुरंत दिखने शुरू हो जाते।

  34. Brother Hum logo ki CPC 0.10 se jyada nhi milti USA Ki 0.20 hi Reh jati hai .. Bus isse to hame ittti jayada earning nhi hogi na

    • Ye aapke niche par depend karta hai. USA me AdSense cpc $30 tak ho sakti hai. I mean maine earn kiye hai.

  35. I am not getting the cpc what you are saying and it decreased to 0.03 cpc which is too low and i am really getting frustated for such kind of low rernings

    • You can reading carefull this post and writing at high cpc keywords topics.

  36. Bhai mera blog islamic info. Se related hai.
    26 post ho chuki hn. Jisse mjhe ek bar AdSense approval mil chuka h. But wo AdSense approval mrra friend use kar raha hai….
    To kya mjhe isi blog se dubara approval mil sakta hai?
    Aur agar mil skta h to mjhe kab aply krna chahiye?

    • Aap already ek AdSense account approved kar chuke ho. Agar aap dusra karna chahate ho to first old AdSense se apne blog ka link remove karo or new id se AdSense account banao.

  37. thanks jumedeen bhai..
    aap post likhte samay hi achhi tarah word ka use karte ho isse comment ka sawaal hi nahi uth-ta ..
    post se hi sabkuch samajh me aa jata hai….
    fir bhi main aapko comment kiya
    kyuki aapki post achhi lagi
    …..thanks sharing your very usefull
    suggestion this post…

    • Welcome lubhit.

  38. Sir mai blogger per jo post ki link hoti hai uske aage 12/6 is tarah se date rahte hai to kya mai Ise hide ya hata nhi skta.

    2. agar mere blog per 1000 views ho jaye to kya blogger handle nhi kar payege?

    • Nahi aap blogger permalink me se date hide nahi kar sakte. Why not aapke blog par kitna bhi traffic ho blogger handle kar sakta hai.

      • hello sir meri ek blog hai kya mai AdSense ke liye apply kar sakti hu.
        kya aap bata sakte hai ki aapka AdSense account kitne dino me approve hua tha please.

        • Nahi abhi nahi. Aabhi aap apneblog par kuch or post likho or blog par jaruri pages like contact us about us create kar unka link footer me add karo. Uske bad apne blog par kuch traffic badhao. Maine last me highlight kiya hua hai ki jab tak aapke blog par daily 300 visit na ho AdSense enable mat karo. Aap apne blog ki ye kamiya dur karne ke bad apply kar sakti ho.

  39. sir, aap hame ye bata dijiye ki blog keliye AdSense se apply karne se pahle age 18 year hona jaruri hai ek aur question ye hai ki jaise aapke blog me jo categories laga huaa hai us categories ke samne ye bhi dikha raha hai ki kis topic me kitne post hai. is tarah mai bhi apne blog par lagana chahta hun.

    • Agar aapke pas identity car ya aadhar card hoor bank accoun ho to bilkul bana sakte ho. Ye WordPress category widget hai. Aap apne blog ki category widget me check karo usme show label count ka option hoga uske samne tick karo.

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