AUS vs ENG: England Team to Be Announced Today for Ashes Series


AUS vs ENG: England Team to Be Announced Today for Ashes Series: England's team will be announced today for the Ashes series to be played against Australia. Some players of the English team are already injured. In such a situation, it has to be seen which players will the ECB selectors give a chance. The ... Read more

What is Kurla Day: Kurla Day Chart Result (Oct 12, 2022)


Kurla Day is a satta game which is very popular among satta game ie gambling people. There was a time when the satta game was played offline, even in offline mode, people used to participate in this game with great enthusiasm, but today the whole world has become digital and now this game is being ... Read more

Which is the Best Religion in the World and Why?


You must be aware of many religions, but do you know What is a religion and which is the best religion in the world? Even if we belong to any religion, but we all have a curiosity to know about it. In this post we will tell you all about it in detail. Although the ... Read more

TRP Full Form: What is TRP and How is it Calculated?


TRP means television rating point. If you watch TV, you must have heard about it. If not, then in today's post you will get complete information about TRP i.e. Television Rating Point, which is also called Target Rating Point. Here we are telling everything about TRP in detail. In this post, what is TRP to ... Read more

What is News Meaning, Definition, Sources and Elements

what is news

The problems that usually happen are news. Here we mean those news which have public importance in some way or the other. News is based on current events, problems and ideas that are interested in more and more people to know and which have an impact on the lives of more and more people. Ordinarily ... Read more