My Father Essay In English for Students and Children

Father is that personality which cannot be described in words. A man who can do anything to raise his children. Father’s Day is celebrated only to honor fathers. Here we are providing essay on my father using which students can prepare great essay on father. Also, My Father Essay can be used on the occasion of Father’s Day.

My Father Essay

Those who have father’s hand on their head are lucky because their every wish is fulfilled. Whatever we have in this world today, it is all because of our father. Father is our God.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, students are asked to write an essay on father. If you also have to prepare an essay on father, then you can take the help of this article.

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My Father Essay for Father’s Day 2024, Essay on My Father for Children & Students

All the essays given here are written in easy and simple words which even children can understand. If you want, you can bookmark this page or you can also copy it.

With the help of My Father Essay, you can prepare a great essay for Father’s Day.

My father is my best friend and my real hero. My father is the role model of my life. He is fifty years old and he is a farmer. My father is a very hardworking person. He worked really hard to maintain the family.

But when he gets time, he likes to spend time with us. My father is a very good natured person. Everyone in the village respects him. He is very healthy, happy and punctual.

My father does all his work on time and in a good manner. He also teaches us to go to school on time. He teaches us the value of time in life and says that if one wastes his time then time destroys his life.

He is very soft hearted. He urges me to be humble and polite. He has also taught me to respect elders. I love my father. I am very grateful to him for everything he does for me. He is honest and teaches me honestly.

My Father Essay

My father is the best father in this world. My father is my hero, my best friend and my great role model in life. My father’s name is Shri Rahul Gandhi. He is fifty two years old. He wakes up early in the morning and does regular exercise.

He always goes to office on time and teaches us to go to school on time. They say that time is money. My father is the head of our family. He loves all the members of the family. He shows unconditional love towards all the members of the family.

He helps me with my studies, tells us stories and plays with us. He also helps my mother in many household chores. He likes to cook in his spare time. He respects my grandparents a lot and teaches us to take care of them. My father is an ideal person.

I share everything with him. He supports me whenever I need him. They taught me how to behave, how to talk, how to meet, how to eat and drink and how to communicate. His life is a practical example for me to adopt and follow the most desirable values of life.

He inspires me to be a better person. He is very kind and humble towards the poor. I love my father. I am very grateful to him for everything he does for me.

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Essay on My Father

I don’t think more words or sentences can describe father. A father is like a big tree that casts a shadow over his family throughout his life. My father is my super hero. He is the most special person for me as he is not only my guru and father but also my friend, teacher and guide.

He has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for me. My father is the one I trust and to whom I ask for help. I share everything with him. We are compatible with each other. Apart from being a father, he is a good husband and an obedient son to his parents.

He is very loving and caring in nature. From my childhood, I have seen my father working hard to fulfill the needs of the whole family. She is the backbone of our family. The best quality of my father is helping nature.

He always extends a helping hand to the neighbors when they are in trouble and need help. My father is truly my hero as he has taught me a lot and never stops showering his works of wisdom.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that, my father is a very good person and I want to be like him. I love my father very much and always will. I thank God everyday for giving me such a loving and caring father.

My Father Essay for Father’s Day 2024

Father is a precious part of every person’s life. No one else can guess father’s love because father’s love is as deep as the ocean. Only his family can recognize his love. My father’s name is Jagdev. He is 45 years old. He works as a school bus driver.

He is very kind and humble. He is the head of our small and happy family. He takes care of everyone in the family and treats them with love. My father works hard for our happiness and that is why he is known as the backbone of our happy family.

Apart from driving a bus, my father is also a landlord. We have some land in which my father grows many types of crops. My father is very disciplined. He gets up early in the morning. He worships the Lord everyday. My father goes to school by bus every morning at 8 o’clock.

After coming home, he rests for sometime and then helps me in my studies. After that my father goes to see the crops in our fields, sometimes I also go with my father. When he is on leave, he spends the whole day with our family.

Besides, my father likes to serve people. My father is the most special person in my life. He is my first teacher who taught me valuable life lessons. He has done a lot for me and my family and is still doing.

I still remember many memories with my father which I will never forget. I can’t imagine a happy life without my father. I love my father very much.

Essay on My Father for Children and Students

God has given me such a gift which is more than God to me and I call him papa. There are many people around the world who are very famous and are celebrities. But my favorite personality is my father. He is kind, polite and very friendly person. He always helps those who need help.

He is very religious person and always reminds me that life is a great gift given by God. He tells me to enjoy my life to the fullest and never hurt anyone intentionally. He believes in simple living. A father is the only friend we can always count on.

My father is helpful to poor children and people. He donates a part of his income to charity to help with the schooling of poor children. He even distributes my old books to them. I feel very comfortable with him as he talks to me like a friend. I have never been afraid to share my true feelings with him.

He also teaches me to deal with various difficult situations that come in my life. He always inspires me to work hard and achieve success in life. Apart from this he also acts as a guide for me and shows me the right path of success. He teaches me how to be a better person in life.

I am very thankful to God who gave me a father like him and he is my role model. I pray for his long life and health. The greatest tribute a child can pay to his father is to say that I want to grow up to be like my father.


Dear readers and students, here we have provided My Father Essay for you. With the help of which you will easily be able to write an essay on father.

If you are a student, you can also copy these to use on Father’s Day. In the article given below you will find the essay on Parents.

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