Top 100 Most Famous and Inspiring Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Mahatma Gandhi quotes: Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, needs no introduction not only in India but in the whole world, almost everyone knows about him. He was such a person who defeated the British without taking up arms and got India independence. Today I am telling you about more than 100 priceless thoughts of this priest of truth and non-violence which can prove to be helpful for you. Let us know how the thoughts of our Father of the Nation, who were counted among the greatest human beings in the world, were. (Famous Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi)

mahatma gandhi quotes

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Kathiawad, Gujarat, who was elected the first Father of the Nation of India, his birthday is still celebrated on 2 October. Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be the architect of the freedom struggle, who gave freedom to India and inspired all the citizens and rights of the world to the movement for freedom.

I would like to tell you something similar about the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, which will definitely help you and through which your life can become successful. He had always followed non-violence and truth, due to which he is worshiped in our country India to date.

The whole life of Mahatma Gandhi is memorable for us, we can learn something or the other from every single moment of his life. Despite being such a great man in the world, Mahatma Gandhi used to live a simple life. Mahatma Gandhi Ji liberated our country by fighting the British without any weapon and carried forward its development, due to which the pride of our country increased. Mahatma Gandhi dedicated his whole life to the name of his country. Mahatma Gandhi best quotes.

Mahatma Gandhi quotes are the change, Best Mahatma Gandhi quotes for Gandhi Jayanti 2024.

Top 100 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Life is available to everyone and one day everyone has to die but I would tell you that if we have got life, then live it in such a way that when you die, the whole world remembers you, die by doing something so that everyone remembers your name. You have not got this life to work hard for your family or for yourself. Don’t waste it yourself, you will have to make a difference in this so that the world recognizes you, because of you, millions of people can be helped, this should be the real purpose of your life.

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes in Hindi

Here Are Mahatma Gandhi’s Top 100 Best Quotes:

  1. It is a good thing to trust someone because not trusting leads to weakness.
  2. The man who saves time saves money from it and the money saved is equal to the money earned.
  3. One eye can make the whole world blind instead of the other.
  4. Live life as if you are going to die tomorrow and learn as if you are going to live forever.
  5. A man is not identified by his clothes and clothes, but by his qualities and character.
  6. Silence is a very good speech, if you adopt it, then gradually the whole world will start listening to you.
  7. Happiness is the only thing that you share among others, then some part of it will definitely come in your share.
  8. Truth is a very big tree and as we support it, that tree grows and grows more fruitfully, if we serve that tree well, then that tree will never end.
  9. Of all the thoughts in the world, only one will survive and that is the truth and the truth is a never-ending thought.
  10. What you have done today depends on your tomorrow and your tomorrow is your future, so pay full attention to your today so that your future can be good.
  11. Humanity is like an ocean and doesn’t forget your faith in humanity, if even a single drop gets dirty in the ocean of humanity, then the whole ocean will become dirty.
  12. The greatness and moral progress of any country can be understood from the fact that how the animals are treated in that country, this will give you an idea about the progress of that country.
  13. The best way to know yourself is to serve others.
  14. You do not consider that thing as needy as long as it is with you, if you have lost it then you feel its pain.
  15. Happiness is the only thing that has the power to open the door of our mind easily and happiness only teaches us how to live, without it our life is absolutely incomplete.
  16. Love is the biggest power in the world and we can get love only with soft behavior, not with anger, we can conquer anything in the world with love.
  17. The earth provides resources to fulfill the need of every human being, but it simply does not help those who are greedy to get anything.
  18. Those who are intelligent think about it once before doing any work, but those who are stupid do the work first and think later.
  19. Only the truth stands alone in the world, it does not need anyone’s support, it remains independent on its own.
  20. If you do not speak the truth then your whole world will become a lie and everyone will lie to you, if you speak the truth then everyone will tell the truth to you.
  21. I will tell you to live in peace, I will tell you to live with love, I see your goodness, I understand your need, I can hear your feelings.
  22. If you want to improve the world then start improving yourself from today itself.
  23. Truth is only one and paths are many, out of all those paths only one path is good, all other paths lead us towards evil.
  24. Whatever we do with others is going to happen to us one day whether we are doing good or bad.
  25. If your mind tells you to do something, then do it only with love, otherwise don’t do that work because love improves everything and anger makes it worse.
  26. Anger can be controlled only with love and nothing else.
  27. All the people in the world who brag about themselves, reduce their own worth.
  28. A little effort is better than a lot of teachings.
  29. It is better to die fighting and die than to die in fear so that everyone can remember your name.
  30. One book is better than a thousand gems because a book brightens our conscience.
  31. The power of love is a thousand times more powerful than the power of punishment.
  32. Happiness is not a thing that comes from outside, it resides in us and it does not come out until we stop being proud and arrogant.
  33. Non-violence is the right way to live life and non-violence is our religion.
  34. Whenever you are faced with an enemy, treat him with love because he can be conquered only by love and not with anger. Not love
  35. Many people dream of success while sleeping, that we may get success and there are some people who are engaged in working hard for success while waking up.
  36. Do not crave to get the work done by others that you can do yourself, do that work yourself.
  37. One who has self-belief believes in God.
  38. A sin committed by mistake is much less than another sin, but hiding it is a bigger sin.
  39. Prayers and hymns are not done with loud voices, they can also be done with the mind, which can also be done by a dumb parrot.
  40. It is better to speak on stage for an hour than to speak for a minute.
  41. If we worship someone, we become equal to him.
  42. If you want to change the world, first change yourself, then only your world can change.
  43. In the world, as long as we are not all free to make mistakes, freedom has no meaning and is of no importance.
  44. The one who rules over the insane is not called a king, so the one who rules over the wise is called a king.
  45. Apart from increasing the speed of life, there is much more left in life.
  46. The rose does not need to preach, the rose fails with its fragrance and its message is its fragrance.
  47. I do not think about what will happen in the future, I just focus on my present, God has not given me any control over the future moments.
  48. It is not wise to be sure about your smart talent, you should remember that even a strong man can become weak and a smart man can also make mistakes.
  49. I don’t want to degrade other languages ​​from the Hindi language, I want to mix the Hindi language in all of them.
  50. Man is a creature full of his thoughts and the creature who thinks of becoming becomes there, so you should also think of something good.
  51. Too much work does not kill a man, irregularity kills a man.
  52. If a man wants to learn something, then he can learn a lot from his own mistakes.
  53. There are many such people in the world who are so hungry that God only appears to them in the form of bread and their God becomes that bread.
  54. Maybe what would have been the result of the work that you are doing and if you do not do some work, then what will be the result of any work, when we get the result of any work, not before when we have completed it And the result is for everything.
  55. You can destroy my body by holding me in chains and thrashing me, but you cannot change my thoughts and thoughts.
  56. Waking up in the morning should be your eldest ear.
    1. I fear no one but God.
    2. I will not think ill of anyone.
    3. I will not bow down to injustice.
    4. I will conquer the lie with the truth.
    5. By resisting lies, I can bear all the troubles.
    Adopt these 5 things within yourself.
  57. You will definitely get the fruits of whatever work you do, but for that, you will have to work hard.
  58. Every night when I go to sleep, my life ends and when I wake up in the morning, I have another birth.
  59. Man can become everything that he thinks but we will keep telling ourselves that we cannot do this, he cannot do it, then, in reality, we will not be able to do anything and if we think that we can do everything then Truly we can find the power to do whatever we want to do.
  60. If you remain under evil, you will become weak and if you oppose evil, you will become strong.
  61. Nothing is impossible for a person in the world, if he fulfills his efforts, then yes it definitely takes time.
  62. No one can harm you without your permission.
  63. All the religions in the world have been created by God, so God has no religion.
  64. Avoid the sun as much as you can and love all the sinners on earth, then the only sin can be eradicated from this world.
  65. If you have done any work that has made someone’s heart happy, then giving happiness to that heart is like a thousand heads bowed in prayer.
  66. Whenever I am angry, I think only one thing is that the one who walks on the path of truth and love always wins, so think the same way.
  67. Truth and non-violence is my religion and non-violence are my means which helps me to attain God and my truth is my God.
  68. Truth never harms an action that is justified.
  69. I was always ready to die but I was never ready to kill anyone.
  70. The conscience is within everyone who can listen to the voice of his conscience.
  71. The continuous development of life is a rule and the man who keeps trying to show himself right puts himself in a wrong position and then never gets out of it.
  72. Admitting any of your mistakes is equivalent to sweeping the ground, which makes the ground very clean and shiny.
  73. Money is not a bad thing, it is bad to use it wrongly, we definitely need money for some work or the other.
  74. It is not right for you to get angry while working because anger and intolerance are the enemies of right understanding.
  75. All the religions of the world may believe in differences between other things, but it is true that only truth will survive in the world.
  76. You can get happiness and love only when you say and do what you think.
  77. When faith becomes blind, it dies, so faith should always be weighed with reason.
  78. At first, they will not even see you, then they will laugh and laugh at you, then they will quarrel with you, and then you will be able to win.
  79. A weak person never apologizes to anyone, then forgiving is the identity of a strong person, a weak person does not have the talent to forgive.
  80. The value of gold and silver is nothing, the real value is of our body, this is the biggest wealth for us, learn to take care of it.
  81. Even if we stumble and fall, we can stand up again, so it is better to run away from the fear of the fight.
  82. Power does not come from physical ability, it can be obtained from indomitable willpower.
  83. If you want to move forward in life, then there is a lot left in life.
  84. Non-violence is man’s greatest power for humanity, it can destroy the weapon which is most dangerous.
  85. To hurt someone’s heart is the biggest sin and to give happiness to someone’s heart is the biggest virtue.
  86. If I didn’t have a sense of (humor) all the time, I don’t know when I would have committed suicide.
  87. When a man lacks love then his bad nature arises and lack of love comes from despair so never be disappointed.
  88. The morality of a woman or a man is not in his recommendation, it is found in his heart.
  89. Fear is used and cowardice is of no use to anything.
  90. The man who is true and good in heart, all things of that man are friends.
  91. I only look at the qualities of people and about the good, not their mistakes, you also look at the goodness of someone, not the mistakes.
  92. A brave man can never pretend to love, only a coward can.
  93. Confidence is not something to be found and gathered, it is an act of development.
  94. The best ornament of a woman is her character and purity.
  95. The fruits of hard work are always sweet and those who work hard get their fruits.
  96. Man becomes great by his character and not by his appearance and appearance.
  97. By doing good work one gets a good destination.
  98. It is good for you to develop the mind with the development of your body and if you do not develop the mind with the body, then you will definitely have to bear the loss.
  99. Anxiety is such a disease that makes you completely hollow from the inside, so whoever has faith in God should never worry about anything.
  100. It is much better to say with full conviction (no) to make others happy and to solve their problems than (yes).
  101. Your gentle behavior can change the whole world so always treat everyone with love.

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