What is News Meaning, Definition, Sources and Elements

The problems that usually happen are news. Here we mean those news which have public importance in some way or the other. News is based on current events, problems and ideas that are interested in more and more people to know and which have an impact on the lives of more and more people. Ordinarily the exchange of well-being and well-being of friends, relatives and colleagues is not news to the media, because mutual well-being is our personal matter, so no one other than those close to us can be interested in it . Therefore it cannot have public importance.

what is news

Therefore it cannot be called news. News has its own importance. This importance depends on the editor of the paper, so a news item in one newspaper can be the main story and the same news can be the news of a column somewhere on the inner pages of another newspaper. In general, news is a report of any recent event, idea or problem which is of interest to more and more people and which is affecting more and more people.

What is News Definition

News is the updated information on the latest happenings and current affairs, which is delivered to the general public, i.e., readers, viewers and listeners, with the help of print, broadcast, internet or other media. According to another definition, news is that current information, in which public interest is involved and people are eager to know about it.

Newspaper or newspaper is a publication based on news, mainly current events, politics, sports, personality, advertisements etc. information is printed on cheap paper. Newspapers are usually daily but some newspapers are weekly, fortnightly, monthly and half yearly.

Adding falsehoods or wrong things or preparing news on the basis of conjecture or self-assessment destroys the credibility of the news. Even if the news is hurtful to the sentiments of the journalist or is not in accordance with his views, but the elements of the news should not be changed.

Here we are telling you about the major elements of the news. An event takes the form of news only by combining these elements. If a news item does not contain these elements then no one is interested in it.

What are the main Elements of News

Every event that inspires and excites is called news. When a large section of the society is concerned with any event, idea and problem, then we can say that it is capable of becoming news, but the possibility of becoming news of an event, idea and problem increases when it contains the elements mentioned here. .


As new as any event is, it becomes news. Meaning, the more recent the event, that is, the immediate, the recent, the more likely it is to become a news. That is to say that news is the one that gives information about the latest event, so novelty is the first element for any news.


The importance of every news is largely due to its locality, because readers show a special interest in reading the news that is close to them. This is the reason why readers are especially curious to know what happened within their state and country, apart from their city and their surrounding areas. Not only this, due to cultural proximity, readers sitting abroad also want to know the events related to Indians.


When the impact of an event determines its news importance. The intensity of the incident is estimated from the fact that how many people are being affected by it or how much of a large area is being affected by it. This increases the chances of its becoming news as much as if the number of people affected by a decision of the government is close to 100, then it is not as big news as if the number of people benefiting from it is one lakh.

Public Interest

For an event or problem to become news, it is also necessary that people should be interested in it. When a large section of the reader is interested in knowing about it, that event or problem becomes news in a significant way.

Conflict or Confrontation

If there is an aspect of conflict or conflict in an event, then the chances of its selection as news increase, because people have a natural interest in knowing about conflict or conflict. The reason for this is that conflicts and conflicts have a direct impact on their lives.

Important People

Common readers have a natural desire to know about famous and well-known people. Sometimes, due to the importance of the people associated with an event, its news importance also increases. Like if the Prime Minister also gets a cold, then it is a special news in itself.


Unfortunate events are news because people want to know about them. For example, the birth of a strange child becomes good news.

Useful information

Many such information is also considered as news which may have special importance for a particular section of the society. Like when will the schools open, for how long will the electricity be off in a particular colony, etc. Such information is of great use in our day-to-day life in the form of news, so the reader is naturally interested in knowing them.


It is the readership that determines the importance-importance of any news. Therefore, news organizations take special care of the interests and needs of their readers while selecting the news.

Policy Framework

Different news organizations have a policy regarding the selection and presentation of news. This policy is decided by the editor or the owner of the newspaper.

It is necessary to have a title in each news paper published in the news paper or specific article for brainstorming and foreword feature, story etc. In this way, the headlines of the news indicate the essence of the news, after reading which the reader soon understands what can be the description of such news and what event or situation this news can be related to.

In this way, the headline of the main news of the newspaper which is published on the first page makes it like to attract the reader because the title is the most important thing in any news or like this post.

If you have a news site then this information can prove useful to you because if you publish any incident or problem on your news site in this way, then you can make any incident, information or problem a fresh and famous news. So that more readers will like to read it.

Now you must have come to know what is news and what are its main elements, as well as you must have understood that what elements should be kept in mind while writing news. If you like this information then share it with your friends on social media.

What are The Qualities of a Good News Journalist ?

A good journalist should possess the qualities of a psychologist, lawyer, skilled writer, orator and detective. Only then he is able to realize the news in an incident and bring it to the public. Apart from this, he should also be a visionary, only then he will be able to understand which news will have what effect on the people, society and country.

There are two main qualities of a good journalist, one is intuitive intelligence and the other is mastery of language. These two requirements determine the qualifications of the correspondent. His other abilities or characteristics are also often related to these two. The story binds the readers.

Journalist is called a person who collects information on current events, people, and issues etc. and spreads it among the public with the help of various mediums. This profession or work is called journalism. Correspondents are a type of journalist.

The person who does the work of editing is called an editor. An editor instructs the reporter and corrects his report before publication.

News Rriting

Six pieces of information are used for news writing. These six information – what happened, when it happened, with whom (who) happened, where it happened, why and how it happened in response to the questions. These are called the six Kakars. Of these, the first four types (what, when, who, where) are informative and the last two (why, how) are descriptive.

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Do not fill the news with lengthy praise of any person. News writing is a socially tight responsibility job, so news must be balanced and non-partisan. The news writer should keep in mind that they are writing news not an essay, accordingly a news story should be within 1000 words in any case.

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