Router for apartment and country house: choosing the best option

Buying a router is a very responsible business. It is not a purchase that you will be replacing every year or two. As a rule, if properly selected for your needs, a router will honestly serve you faithfully for five years or more. In this article, let's find out how to choose the right router.

Choosing a router for the apartment

Game sites like are relatively easy on your network connection and your device's RAM. Online RPG games with an open world are different; a vulnerable router can have problems here. It is necessary to find a suitable option.

Choosing a router for the apartment

The WiFi router for an apartment is the most common product from network equipment manufacturers and wireless routers. The most straightforward and affordable solution is quite enough to cover a standard three-bedroom in a modern apartment building. There is little point in overpaying for options and functions you will not use.

  • For example, the Keenetic WiFi router will distribute the Internet without any problems, and it can be called a great WiFi router for apartments. At the same time, it has an interesting feature - it can function as a repeater. Therefore, when you move to a dwelling with a larger area, like a private country house, it will be realistic to include it in a chain of similar devices to increase the network coverage.
  • Another good option for an apartment router is the Netis WiFi router - it is ideal for a small apartment (1-2 rooms) because it has very compact housing that does not take up much space.

There is a general rule when choosing a router in the apartment - pay attention when installing the gadget to the location of supporting walls in the room. No matter what hi-tech device you use for Internet distribution via WiFi you bought, its signal will repeatedly (up to zero values) deteriorate when passing the metal and concrete constructions. Try to install the router so that it is located in the centre of the apartment.

How to choose a router for a private house or cottage?

The area of the house or cottage will, in any case, be more significant than that of a city apartment. What router should you choose for your home in such a case? The answer begs itself - for such an expanse of space, you need a device more powerful.

  • You can take a closer look, for example, at the TP-Link Archer WiFi router - it is an absolute monster from the world of wireless technology, albeit with a price tag of a premium-class device. It has many modern technological features, including the parental control function: which restrict access to specific sites in the settings. The wear-resistant plastic housing of the device is not exposed to adverse external and mechanical effects. That's why it can be placed on a covered veranda - so the Internet signal will easily reach the garden plot, lawn or garden (depending on how you use the adjacent territory).
  • There are also more affordable solutions for your home/household wireless Internet needs. The HUAWEI WiFi router is a bit cheaper, but it will also provide you and your household with good WiFi coverage. This device has an excellent futuristic design and will become a room decoration.

How to choose a router for the office?

There are two things to consider when choosing a router for the office. First, it is necessary to proceed from the size of the room of a particular office. Secondly, there is no specific class of devices, such as an "office router". In small "compact" companies, it is possible to do with a simple household solution designed for home use. In large corporations, where a single network environment is created, which can physically be located on several floors, or even in several buildings, quite different - industrial - solutions are used to create a total coverage.

In between, it is possible to focus on gadgets designed for use in large private houses with sufficiently powerful hardware.

  • The Keenetic Ultra WiFi router is ideal in this case. The main feature that makes this valuable device in the office is that this Internet centre combines the options of a modem and a router to be used for WiFi and IP telephony.
  • Another option to raise the WiFi network in the office is to use a MESH system. It is not quite a router in the usual sense of the word, but once installed and configured, the end user and Internet user will not notice the difference. However, such a MESH system will cost more than a simple router. For example, if you take two models of the same brand - a TP-Link WiFi router and a TP-Link Deco MESH system - the price difference will be almost twice as much.

In short, MESH is a chain of several devices that distribute WiFi throughout the perimeter where they are installed. And the network is just one - no need to reconnect every time you go from one router to another.

Wifi AX3 Router

Type of WAN port

The WAN port is the socket to which the Internet cable from your ISP is connected. The abbreviation WAN is short for Wide Area Network. All modern routers have an Ethernet connector. Usually, to avoid confusing it with the LAN-ports (which we will talk about later), some manufacturers specially mark WAN-port with a different colour.

There are also WAN ports, SFP and SFP+, used in industrial networking solutions. They differ in the type of connection, respectively, and cables for them need a different types of connectors.

Number of LAN ports

LAN - Local Area Network, or local area network. LAN ports are essential. They are instrumental in connecting stationary devices. For instance, somewhere in the farthest bedroom, you have a desktop computer on the table where you like to spend time in online battles with network shooters. Unfortunately, the WiFi signal to this area of the house is weak, so the Internet connection is unstable and occasionally breaks - you get beaten in a video game, and you get frustrated. But if you connect directly through the router's LAN port and the system unit via cable, the connection will be more stable than ever, and you can again win online battles.

Compatibility with your provider

Most importantly, check with your potential provider what the maximum Internet speed he is ready to offer you before connecting. The fact is that modern routers support rates of up to 1000 or even up to 2000 Mbps. While in many apartment buildings, ISPs still deliver Internet speeds of only up to 100 Mbps.

Note: This content is for reference purposes only and we does not support or promote piracy and any illegal work.

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